Here you can find the strength of the Spectacles Jazzband unplugged and on stage.

Theo Sterk Theo Sterk - trompet, zang

He started his career when he was 6 years old, playing the trumpet in harmony K.N.A. from Arkel, where several family members were already playing. Making Music has been passed on in his genes. He was classically trained at music school and later by teacher at the academy of music in Hilversum. His musical orientation has a broad variety and he has been active since he was very young. He really loves old style Jazz, and when the Spectacles were founded he was one of the youngest musicians (18) in that genre. Furthermore, he is still active in symphonic Music, teaches how to play the trumpet, and he is the leader of court chapel “Nooit Gedagt”. (Dutch for: I never thought it would…) He also regularly performs alone.
Jan Maas Jan Maas - trombone

He started when he was very young and he enjoyed his musical education at the local brass band in Leende . He got interested in all sorts of music, including jazz, from an early age on. Because of this his musical interest was broad and he played in many ensambles and orchestras varying from classical music to jazz. He picked up a lot of experience from playing in bigbands and old-style jazz ensambles.
Ed Sterk Ed Sterk - klarinet

He comes from a family where music was considered to be very important and music was highly appreciated, so he got interested in music as well. When he was eight years old he was introduced to the clarinet by harmony K.N.A from Arkel, the harmony he still plays in. He had a classical education at music school. When he was older he appreciated old-style jazz more and more, especially because of the freedom it offers. He got a lot of experience from playing in all kinds of ensambles and he is one of the founders of The Spectacles Jazzband, working together in close harmony with Cees van Dis. Ed is also the musical leader of the Spectacles. Furthermore he is still active in symphonic Music and he also plays in court chapel “Nooit Gedagt”. Sometimes he also conducts choir rehearsals.
Hans Tempelman Hans Tempelman - sousafoon

He comes from a family where music was highly appreciated and stimulated. He started his career at an early age with the harmony in Klaaswaal, where he is still active as a kettledrummer. He chose back then to play the sousaphone as well and he was asked to join old-style jazz orchestras. There he got more and more experienced and he came in contact with the other members/founders of the Spectacles. His musical interest is varied. Besides the jazz-music he likes playing symphonic music.
Jan Blonk Jan Blonk - banjo, gitaar

He started to play the guitar during highschool, when he was a teenager. He played different styles of music then. He was asked to replace someone in an old-style jazz band, and he got enthousiastic at that moment. This was also one of the main reasons to start playing the banjo, and he has played in several orchestras since. He has also been a member of the Spectacles since its foundation in 1992. He is also asked to play for other orchestras when they need someone to play the banjo.
Cees van Dis Cees van Dis - washboard, drums, zang

His roots as a percussionist lay in Gorinchem, where he started to play for the show band and he received his first musical lessons. At a later age he got interested in different styles of music and he found out that his love lay at old-style jazz. He played in several jazzbands and developed his own view of how to play this specific kind of old-style jazz. It is not odd that he joined the Spectacles Jazzband, because this was the band where he could perform in the style he wanted because of the freedom they give each other. This is also characteristic for the Spectacles, they have a lot of fun playing and every member gets the space they need. He has been the contact since the foundation of the band. He is also the secretary of JazzHall ’72, one of the oldest jazzclubs in the Netherlands.
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